Satellites Tournaments at brings major poker tournaments with massive prize pools for its players to win. through these satellites gives its players an opportunity to go for these massive prize pools by winning the buy-in to the tournaments in satellite by winning them. A Satellite tournament is a poker tournament that offers players a less expensive way to enter a big buy-in tournament. Players hoping to win a seat in a big buy-in tournament will play in satellite tournaments attempting to win an entry into a larger tournament at a much lower cost than what the full buy-in is.

How a satellite tournament works. gives every player the chance to put their skills to the test and win huge prizes for a very small investment. To explain how a satellite tournament works consider a larger tournament with a buy-in of INR10000. The buy-in for the satellite tournament which leads to this large tournament is INR1000. If there are 10 entrants (into the satellite), first place will get a INR10000 entry to the larger tournament. If there are 20 entrants, then 1st and 2nd places will both receive a INR10000 entry to the larger tournament. If there is any leftover prize money, it will be distributed to the runners up as per the satellite's payout structure.

Some Satellite tournaments could come with entry fees too. The details would be there on the lobby, it will be denoted by a cost to enter the satellite, it could be say 'INR100-10', it would meanthat buy-in is INR100 and fees are INR10.

Satellite your way to Major Events on would be designing Satellites that would take you to major events like T20 finals. We have a lot in store for you, so keep watching our Satellite Tournament Schedule.

Get ready for some awesome surprises by us.


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