TOPHand of the Day


Top Hand of the Day

Star Poker loves the game and loves to see the high sequences the players sport on the table, struggle and wait on them , the open ended draws for straight, flush, four of a kind and the rarest of the rare, the mighty, the stone, the Royal Flush.

The joy of getting a four of a kind and above is so rare that we want to give it the reward it deserves from our side too, thus celebrating your happiness only more!

We are here to honor the top hands and when you get a sequence of four of a kind above kings we will provide tickets to GTD tournament in a week (terms and conditions apply).

How it works:

  • Remember, your winning hand has to be Four of a kind of ACES and above.
  • The winning hand has to be from Texas Hold'em Table only.
  • You have to take a screenshot of your hand and email it
  • As soon as Star Poker support verifies that it is indeed YOUR winning hand, the surprise bonus gift will be released into your account.

Terms and Conditions:

The Winning Hand with Two Hole Cards in the sequence will be preferred over sequence made from One Hole Card.

The sequence is four of a kind of ACES and above.

The amount varies with the sequence.

Star Poker reserves all the rights to make changes in the payout policy during any time of the promotion without any notice.


Poker Bonus Terms and Conditions

  • reserves the right to verify the identity and eligibility of any Player participating in the first deposit bonus promotion and to disqualify anyone from receiving the sign up bonus if it is determined that the Player has not complied with the rules of the promotion, and/or has provided false or misleading information about his or her identity.
  • also reserves the right to refuse issuing the 150% bonus to anyone at anytime for reasons that Poker Management deems relevant. Top Promotions

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