Progressive Jackpot.

We thought we'd make it a bit more interesting for you and show you how we design promotions in-house. This one here explains quite succinctly how the Progressive Jackpot was evolved, and how it works. Hope you enjoy seeing it from our side, for once...


TriggerOn Hitting the requirement for the JackpotThe Jackpot is based on certain conditions mostly a particular hand or situation. (e.g. Royal Flush, Bad Beat, bubble boy in 5 tournaments).
Duration of bonus campaignManagementThe duration of the bonus will be decided by the management.
Cycle / Time period of bonusRepetitiveOnce the duration of the bonus is won by the player, the counter sets to 0 again and starts.
Target PopulationRetentionCurrent Real Money players.
Owner levelStarpoker.inThe jackpot can be launched by Promo Team.
Mail IntegrationYesCongratulatory email to the winner(s).
Will bonus be queued or notNoSpot bonus
Related BonusesNoneBonus will not be related to any other bonus.
Bonus CodeNoNo Bonus code required
Max instances / playerUndefinedA player can get this bonus twice just like the bad beat bonus. This is because the jackpot depends on a series of events. The same player can qualify for the jackpot and win.
Bonus Counter UsedMoney CounterThe progressive jackpot can be shown in the poker client and the site as a money counter.

NOTE:Max instances / player should almost always be set to the value 1. Only when you do want multiple bonuses of the same template to be handed to the same player should this value be greater than 1.

How it works

  • Specific terms which need to be fulfilled to grant this bonus on trigger
    1. The player must play on the specific tables (if applicable) to qualify for the jackpot.
    2. The player must get the designated hand with the hole cards.
  • Timing of bonus: Undefined.
  • Tracking wrt to player / operator: Money Counter.
  • Bonus dispensing method and how it works The bonus will be given in percentages (wherever applicable) to the various players who will be playing on the table / hand.
  • Conditions for bonus expiry - Management

System Changes

  • Possible change needed in other systems ( eg in affiliate , tournaments , cashier )
  • If email integration is needed then specify what type of emails will go with samples Congratulatory email to the winner(s).

Terms and conditions

  1. The player must be playing on the designated tables.
  2. The conditions set forth to win the progressive jackpot should be met completely. E.g. If there is a progressive jackpot for getting a Royal Flush, then the player must get the royal flush with his hole cards in play, should have at least 5 people in the hand, no collusion, 2 people should see the showdown one of whom should be the player who has the royal flush.
  3. The bonus will be given when the player is validated. Top Promotions

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