Drive  Your Dream


The Biggest Prize in Online Poker In India!

Yes, that’s right.

This goes to the winner of three Monthly Leaderboards in a calendar year. Your skill is being rewarded, and how!

We will reward this rare breed of poker player with the car (sedan or SUV) of HIS CHOICE, from a list of cars specifically chosen for this purpose.

One lucky poker player could win a brand new Toyota Corolla or a glitzy brand new Renault SUV for FREE at thanks to its new ‘Drive Your Dream’ promotion. To win your dream car you don’t have to go on an international spying mission or play heads-up with an international criminal mastermind ‘Casino Royale’ style – all you have to do is log on to and take part in the ‘Drive the Dream’ promotion!

It is not a case of winner takes all, however, as all the other nine players who have consistently made it to the Monthly Leaderboard will all win fabulous prizes!

Here are the Monthly Leaderboard criteria once again:


The moment you start playing in real money tournaments at, you will begin accumulating Base Tournament Points (BTPs). These BTPs are calculated using various factors into account, as listed below.

Profit historyHistory of tournaments and SnG’s/MTT’s played.Profit history gives an indication of the number of SnG’s or MTT’s the player has registered and played in. Depending on the type of Leaderboard i. Essen or MTT, the performance of the player will be measured

Play Count

Number of tournaments played/ Number of matches played.Number of tournaments played is a very important criterion to calculate the BTP points. This is an indication of the consistency of the player

Average profit

Players winnings.Every poker player wants to be a winning poker player. Increasing the bankroll is every player’s ultimate goal. Hence Average Profits is a key factor when we calculate BTP points. More you win, higher you score

Average Stakes

Ring games stakes.Stakes at which a player plays, average of the stakes in that week/month. For example a player plays at INR5, 10, 15 in a week the avg. stake is 10 which will place him higher than a player having an avg. stake of INR9 in this section

Average ROI

The winnings to deposit ratio. Average ROI will be his profit-deposit. This will comprise of the tournament money, his winnings from ring games and freerolls.


Number of hands won, as a percentage of the number of hands played. A player’s form, as in the number of matches played and the number of matches/hands won. Also the number of tournaments played and the number of times finished in money, or won. Top Promotions

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