Double OrNothing


Double Or Nothing

Double or Nothing SNG (Sit And Go) tournaments are normal single table SNG tournaments with a modified payout structure. They begin with n players (n is an even number) and when n/2 players have been eliminated, those remaining win double the buyin amount to the tournament. Normally N = 8,10 or 12 . Thus, all winners of a DON SNG Tournament end up tying for first place.

Example: for a 10 seat DON SNG. If buyin is INR100+INR10. The SNG ends when five players are knocked out. These five players, do not win anything. However the top 5 remaining players get INR100 each.

Top 5 remaining players get INR200 each

One of the key factors of playing Double or Nothing single table tournaments is that you are basicallylooking to survive until the money. The fact that you can only ever double your initial buy-in irrespective of how many chips you have after half of the field have been eliminated means that normal poker rules fail to apply.

Tactics like open limping and calling raises work least often in Double or Nothing tournaments becauseyour opponents are far more likely to shove over the top of your action. One of the cardinal rules of any poker tournament is that you should be the player that shoves all in rather than calls all in. This gives you two ways to win when you open shove rather than only one way to win if you call a shove.

In the Double or Nothing tournaments then it can even be correct to fold aces pre-flop which wouldn't really apply to any other form of poker. This makes Double or Nothing tournaments unique to almost any other form of poker.



The Double or nothing tournament will have the following speed SnG's:

  • Turbo
  • Hyper Turbo
  • Standard

Terms and Conditions

  1. FOR DON setup: Number of players allowed to play the SNG should be even at all times. Hence DON SNGs are normally held with 8 or 10 or 12 seats.
  2. Winners of DON SNG Tournaments are not eligible for any tournament leader board points. Top Promotions

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