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Playing real-money online poker at guarantees you high-octane action that will keep you thoroughly entertained. Downloading the software client is extremely easy and user-friendly. You can download our online poker application in just a few simple steps that take not more than a few minutes. Yup, you heard it right. We have a real-money poker app designed for all you poker players out there, so you can get onto your favourite tables and play exciting poker games from anywhere, at any time.

Once the app download is complete, you can play real-money Omaha and Texas Hold’em in a variety of formats, at various stakes and participate in exciting tournaments as well. And if you do not want to download the poker app, then we have a non-downloadable flash version as well! At, we just want to make sure that you get to play poker as you want, when you want, and that you have the time of your life playing it!

Here are the steps to download the poker app. This won’t take more than a few minutes and you can get to your poker tables right away!

The Four-Step Easy Process


Step 1 - Download Poker Room

The website features the "Download" button on each page of the website for the sake of our players' convenience.


Once you click on save button the download starts automatically.

If you are using Internet Explorer, you would receive a 'Security Warning'.


In such a case, please click the 'Save' button and save at your desired location. This warning is a standard process in most versions of Internet Explorer for any file you attempt to save. We assure you that our software is entirely free of any malicious code whatsoever, and completely safe to save and install.

Step 2 - Run the Exe File

Once the poker software file has been completely downloaded, 'run' the file in order to install the software.


Internet Explorer users may also likely encounter the following warning.


We once again assure you that the .exe file you have downloaded is completely safe.
You may also go to the location of the saved file, right click on the icon and choose 'Run'. Please note that you need to be logged in as an Administrator.

When you run the file, a window will appear with three options: 'Browse', 'Install' and 'Cancel'.


Step 3 - Install Client

The installation process proceeds quickly and does not increase the load on your system resources. The compact software installs in a matter of seconds to your chosen hard drive location.


After the installation process is complete, you just need to follow the poker room setup wizard. When the setup is installed, there is an auto-upgrader that can upgrade it to the latest version. After installing the latest version, a window will appear on your screen and you can login with the help of this window if you already have a poker account with us, and if not, you need not worry, just click on the 'Create Account' option and you can become our valuable member.

Step 4 - Logging In

If you already have an account, then kindly enter your username and password and login.

We also provide you with remember password option that will save the credentials on your system, so that you do not have to enter your id and password each time you login. If you have not yet created your account then click on "Create Account " option and you will be redirected to registration page , where you can fill the details and become our member.


If your login details are found correct, you will be successfully logged in and will find yourself viewing the poker lobby. Top Promotions

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