'My Tables' is a feature that is a big help if you love doing 'The Multi-Tabling'.

For the online poker players of who have just started playing online poker, Multi-tabling is when a player prefers to play at more than one table at a time; some players can even play on 4-8 tables at the same time. 'My Tables' is a simple yet important feature that allows you to get a brief overview of the tables you are playing on.

"My Tables" not only lists the cash game tables that you are playing on, but also other important information like

  • Game - the type of game you are currently playing
  • Stakes – the stakes of the games you are currently playing
  • Players – number of players playing with you at a particular cash game table
  • Wait - number of players waiting to play on your cash game table
  • Avg. Pot – Average pot per hand on the cash game table you are playing on
  • P/F – players per flop gives the percentage of players that see the flop on your table
  • H/hr – hands per hour gives the number of hands per hour being played on your table
  • With such a lot of information at your disposal – and remember: information is a WEAPON – you will be more confident in your game play, and get ready to outwit your opponent.

My Tables Feature

  • In the poker lobby of, click on "Options" tab.
  • Select 'My Tables' Top Promotions

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