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How to Get Play Money Chips at

Play money chips are for playing online poker for free and having fun at online poker tables of Obviously you need to chill out, learn the game, and polish your poker playing skills too! Poker, we all know is a mind game and needs to be played with a specific set of analytical skills. The more you practice, the more you learn.

Our state of the art poker software provides you an interface for playing free poker online with play money chips. At, you will be given free poker chips to play for as many times you want to play.

Playing with play money chips is a great way to understand the rules of different forms of poker that we offer on The biggest advantage of this feature is that you will understand how the software and the interface work in our free poker rooms.

Another highlight of this feature is that you can have a go at play money tables to prepare yourself and get the feel for high limit games as well as tournament play. Also, in case, you've had a bad run at real money poker tables, you could come here and blow off some proverbial steam at such times.

Cool off, enjoy the fun part, then go back refreshed and re-charged. Playing with play money chips is all about fun and learning. It is also a good practice to treat your play money chips just as you would treat your real money chips.

So, go ahead design yourself a poker playing strategy, or go on a tilt, or do whatever you think can take your level of skill that bit more sharper with our play money chips tables. Play, learn, reload and have fun.



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