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Play 100% legal online poker at offers 100% Legal Poker.

We understand why online poker players from India are unwilling to play with real money at online poker rooms; there are a lot of legal and tax problems involved. Not so at

We have gone ahead and provided that extra bit of safety and security so our players can only focus only on the winning.

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Real money online poker is the real deal and there is no greater feeling than the money you won by playing real money online poker actually being credited to your bank account. We understand that all our players wish to win a lot of money by playing at and that's why we have a team of specialists working round the clock to perform the necessary checks and approve your real money withdrawals.

When you play for real money at, our Customer Support will make sure you are always aware about the status of your poker account, be it withdrawals or bonus related information. For those who have reached level "CowBoy" and above of our VIP program, our Game Promotions team will design exclusive promotions for them and set up private tournaments upon request, too.

If playing for monetary rewards is your thing, then welcome aboard and enjoy the ride!

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Play Poker With Star Poker As A Celebrity Would.

Star Poker offers a complete and holistic platform for all OUR POKERS PLAYERS. So if you are reading this you know you have reached THE LANDING PAGE that will make your Online Poker Game Play at Star Poker Legally Risk Free.

We at Star Poker have drafted ourselves very well, so that we have no players of ours face an iota of legal hassles in India. We have put in systems that have been managed in place by the best legal team,done all our due diligence so that YOU the player can enjoy the maximum that our Legal Online Poker Room Offers...and we have left no stone unturned for YOU. Top Promotions

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  • "If you're playing a poker game & you look around the table and can't tell who the sucker is, it's you." - Paul Newman


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