Does the science of BlackJack gives you a high and then imagine you play with some more players instead of the house and the game play is fused with Poker Rules…sounds fun. It not only sounds exciting and fun but playing this new variant ushers a freshness to Online Poker. Yes, the fusion is called BlackJack Holdém. Excited!

BlackJack Holdém gives you the opportunity to build your game and go for the odds and challenge your opponents. It requires skill, some simple calculations and yes that Fat Lady to sing for you.

We at bring this unique fusion of BlackJack and Texas Holdém, a variant that will be loved by the poker and casino players too. Well, the casino players will be now playing against a player and not the house. The betting rounds are same as Texas Holdém and the end product is as BlackJack, thus the name BlackJack Holdém.

BlackJack Holdém Rules:

Card Values of this variant remain the same as the BlackJack card values, that is from 2 to 10, it’s the face value of the card. The Jack, Queen and King are a value of ten (10) and the Ace as we know shares a value of 1(one) or 11(eleven), that is player is free to use an Ace as one or eleven. The hand value is the sum of the value of all cards in hand as blackjack.

How Do the Hands Rank in BlackJack Holdém.

The best hand possible is when a player has 7 cards without going over a total sum of 21, 7 Card Charlie.

The next best are the regular card sums, 21, 20, etc...

When all the hands are over 21 the hand which is closest to 21 will win.

All the players with a total sum of 21 have an equal hand.

BlackJack Holdém Blinds and Antes

The player sitting to the left of the dealer has to post the small blind, half the amount of the big blind.

The player to the left of the small blind has to post the big blind which is equal to the minimum table bet.

Betting Rounds

The betting rounds are limited up to first two rounds in BlackJack Holdém. There is a limit to all the rounds, the first round can take 2, the second can bet up to 4 and the third goes from 4 to 20

1st Betting Round

Players are dealt one card face down and the player left to the BB starts the action. He or she can fold, call or raise. This will continue in a clockwise position until all have equal bets on table.

2nd Betting Round

The next card dealt is face up, everyone can see this second card. The second round starts with player who posted the small blind.

3rd and Final Betting Round

In third round, the players still in the game can choose hit or stand. The can choose hit if they need more cards to go to 21 or can choose to stand if they are near or at 21. They have to decide for themselves and if they select HIT, they get a card dealt face down. A player may have a total of more than 21 and still be in the game, all players can draw to a maximum seven cards. The small blind player starts the action of this round.


Showdown is like Texas Holdém, as soon as players finish the betting, the showdown commences. The player closest to 21 or at 21 wins the pot. If two players share the sum say 18 or 19 then they split the pot.

BlackJack Holdém variant of is very exciting, apart from call, bet, raise, you get a chance to improve upon your game by choosing Hit or Stand. Top Promotions

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