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As a Joint Venture Partner with you can directly operate to bring players to or you can have your own website and your own brand. You are free to promote your website and brand. Players on your website will be re-directed to the page and the Starpoker software to play poker . You will be Setup as a JVP on the portal with Exclusive access to the Poker back office to obtain real time reports about your players activity. You will earn a direct share of the revenue generated by your players on the poker room.

Joint Venture Partner Program Salient Features

  • Clear and competitive Revenue Share structures
  • Secure payment processor options and timely payments
  • Accurate tracking and reporting
  • Excellent customer support
  • Dedicated account managers
  • Brand that converts well
  • Clear terms and conditions
  • Trustworthy Affiliate Managers
  • Experienced Account Managers

Dedicated Joint Venture Partner Services

  • Our dedicated JVP Management team is available to help our partners and offer them exclusivity and the VIP treatment they deserve.
  • We believe that building a long-term partnership on the grounds of mutual respect and strong trust is the source of success.
  • We strive to maintain a one-on-one relationship, meaning all of our JVPs are assigned to a dedicated account manager to ensure individual needs are always met.
  • Our know-how ensures highest possible acquisition, retention and reactivation, thus maximizing player lifetime value and JVP revenue.

We offer three options to choose from:

. Flat Revenue Share
  • Life Time Revenue Share of the GGR (Gross Gaming Revenues)
  • You get a fixed % from the rake generated by your players
  • Revenue Share could range from 20% to 40% depending upon JVP Performance

. Flat CPA (Cost per Acquisition)

  • Fixed one Time Flat Amount per player
  • No % from the rake generated by your players
  • No revenue share, a fixed one-time high cost

. Hybrid Income CPA (Cost per Acquisition) + Revenue share on NGR (Net Gaming Revenue)

  • Fixed one Time Flat Amount per player + % of lifetime income generated by the player
  • % from the rake generated by your players
  • You get a fixed % from the rake generated by your players on the NGR
  • Revenue Share could range from 30% to 50% of NGR depending upon JVP Performance

The NGR (Net Gaming Revenue):

The NGR is the revenue that is calculated by excluding costs such as transaction costs, promotional costs, operational costs, taxes, interests and other fees from the total revenue comprising from poker rake and tournament fees.

All Marketing Costs will be borne by, be it the biggest freeroll tournies, the satellites and loads of unique promotions. And to add to the marketing cost, the Major Costs that would be borne by and would include:

  • All Payment Processor Costs will be borne by
  • All Legal Costs Borne by
  • All Payment Processing fees and Licensing Fees to be borne by
  • Servers and Hardware cost to be borne by
  • Bandwidth cost of to be managed by

With loads and loads of the biggest poker tournaments and unique offerings that Indian poker scene has ever seen, is geared to take Indian Poker to new heights. If you share the same vision and believe it’s a win-win situation for us and our JVPs give us a shout. For more information write to us at Top Promotions

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