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Poker is all about skills and Starpoker helps you to earn Real Money by channelizing this skill in a proper direction.We strive to give our Players the most Safe,Reliable & Authentic Platform to play Poker & in return we also expect the Same from our players to maintain some etiquette.

Below we have enlisted the “Terms and Conditions” which constitutes an Agreement Between the Users & the Website and any breach of the agreement the players are liable to the penalty as requisite.  Starpoker is the owner & reserves all the rights to grant membership or terminate membership if deemed necessary and by agreeing to the Terms of Use the user grants its consent for the same.

Duplicate or Multiple or Conflict Account is Injurious:

  • Having More than one Account or conflict Accounts is Strictly Prohibited as it can lead you to cause heavy Penalty as per the Agreement Policy. All rights are reserved by Starpoker to Deactivate or lock all the related Accounts and the Amounts can be forfeited.


Bonus Abuse is Unethical

  • Bonus is given to the players to boost their bankrolls and if any misuse related to such bonus is found will be considered as a serious offence. Starpoker in that case reserves the right to forfeit the complete Bonus or same amount may be deducted from real cash or Redemption.


Chip Dumping is prohibited:

  • Fraud Chip Dumping and Collusion are not encouraged as it is against the ethical ground & kills the fine spirit of a true player. Your game is always under Surveillance & a strict action will be taken if caught performing Chip Dumping or Collusion. Starpoker in here reserves the right to take any action that could range from Monetary Penalties to seizing Account Temporarily or   blocking to permanent Account Deactivation.


Don’t Share your Account Details

  • Your Safety is in your hand.Your Account details including Password; secret question etc should not be discussed with any person/group/third parties. If any such activity happens Starpoker is not responsible,only you are solely liable & resoncible for whatever happens from your account in the website.


Misbehavior over phone or chats & emails is not acceptable

  • We understand your crisis & thereby we try to provide with high class customer service round the clock. But misbehaving or abusing over the Phone or official columns is sternly considered immoral and inhumane and thus on the humanitarian ground Starpoker reserves all the rights to take any action as deemed fit.


NOTE:Starpoker has the sole rights & reserves  to grant membership or terminat if deemed necessary and by agreeing to the Terms of Use the user grants its consent for the same. Top Promotions

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